Here’s a small sampling of the work we do. If you don’t see what you’re looking for get in touch with us!

Usability Review
How user-friendly is your website? We can take a look, let you know and give you feedback on what works and what doesn’t.
User Experience Review

User Experience Review
How easy to use is your website? Are there dead links, out of date PDFs, and areas with broken functionality? We can take a look and make recommendations on how to make your website UX awesome!

Analytics Review
Tools like Google Analytics are producing a lot of data these days. We can dig into that data to see if there’s more that you can be doing to help your users

User Interviews
This is one of our favorites — talking to actual users. Looking at analytics about what users are doing on your website is one thing, but user interviews are the real opportunity to see what makes them tick and how your website can best serve them.

Persona Development
We spend a lot of time talking about “users”, but those users are real people, part of your audience — Creating personas is a great way to personalize your audience using research, analytics and other user info.

Competitor Analysis
What’s your competitor doing? You know the one; the one you’re thinking of right now. Like or not, what users expect from your website is based on their experience from other websites. Let us take an expert look and see where your strong and where you can improve over your competition.

Information Architecture
More than just the navigation menus of your website, information architecture is at the core of how your website is organized — We can help create the right structure for your users.

Journey Map Development
What happens the moment your users gets to your website? Do they find what they’re looking for? Do they get tripped up along the way? We can work with you to develop journey maps so that your users are successful every time.

Prototyping/ Wireframing
Sometimes you just need a rough sketch of what website user interface is going to look like. Maybe it’s for testing, maybe it’s just for reference. Either way, this is where it all began for us and we love working on these with our customers.

Who would of that Hollywood’s use of storyboards to tell a story prior to shooting an inch of film could also help communicate the how a user tries to complete a task on your website, but that’s exactly what they do… We use storyboards to add a graphical element to your journey maps and your use-cases.

Use-cases are the nuts and bolts of journey map development. Sometimes you require a full journey map other times you just need to look at certain use-cases to figure out the best solution for a specific problem; we can help define and develop those.



User-Centered Design Workshop
All of the work that we do at USAGE is based on the core fundamentals of User-Centered Design, because of this (and because we think all design should be done this way!) we offer a workshop to get teams and organizations familiar with User-Centered Design and how you can put it to work for you.

Lean UX for Agile Teams Workshop
Lean UX builds on a User-Centered Design core, but how do you build Lean UX into your team of designers and devlopers? The truth is that both Lean UX and Agile are quite forgiving so it’s a little different with every team. What we do is talk to your team, get an understanding of your structure and then build a plan that helps your team get better at integrating UX design into development.

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