Matt Borghi is CEO of USAGE UX consulting, where he writes about and speaks on the topics of UX, design and product management.

Matt’s passion for user experience design and product management came about in a circuitous and unconventional way – through hosting performances of his ambient music.

After several early performances, Matt realized the traditional music venue wasn’t conducive to listening or enjoying the ambient music that he was creating. This led Matt to researching the listener environment, the listener experience and how it could be enhanced in a live music setting to make the performances better.

Matt was already working as a web and print designer when he began to do the sound/music research, so it was through the natural outgrowth of that curiosity that Matt began to ask similar questions about how his design work would be used, what problems were the users trying to solve and learning more about the user’s environment to get a well-rounded understanding of the user — what we know of today as use-cases and personas.

From his firsthand experience with research and data, the user-centered design approach has become the cornerstone of Matt’s management and leadership philosophy. His work with USAGE UX was born out of countless sessions with customers, staff and stakeholders going over the importance of building and maintaining a user-centered perspective at all levels of an organization.

Matt created USAGE UX because websites and digital tools should be easy to use and you should be able to do what you need to do or find what you’re looking for quickly. That’s it. Pretty simple stuff.

Sometimes, though, making things simple is the hardest thing to do.

Today, Matt’s time is split between being a digital product manager of web services and online experience for a major Michigan healthcare company, and writing and speaking as part of USAGE UX consultancy (, as well as continuing to make music under his own name ( and producing The Ambient Soundbath Podcast –

Matt Borghi – Promotional Photo (1 m)

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