Thanks for stopping by my site. My name is Matt Borghi. I always wanted to start my own UX design business, so I started USAGE UX to share my work and experiences from 15+ years of doing design, UX and digital experience work. If you like what you see or want to learn more, please get in touch, I’d love the chance to chat in person.

That’s the short version…

Now, the longer version:

My passion for UX design and digital experience work came about in a circuitous and unconventional way – through hosting performances of my ambient music.

After several early performances, I realized that the traditional music venue wasn’t conducive to listening or enjoying the ambient music that I was creating. This led me to research the listener environment, the listener experience and how it could be enhanced in a live music setting to make a performance better.

I was working as a newbie web designer when I began to do the sound/music research, so it was a natural outgrowth of that curiosity where I began to ask similar questions about how design work would be used, what problems were the users trying to solve and learning more about the user’s environment to get a well-rounded understanding of the user — what we know of today as use-cases, empathy maps and personas.

From these early, firsthand experiences with data and research, the user-centered design approach became the north star that guided the last 15+ years of my design, management and leadership philosophy.

I believe that the basic tenets of UX design and experience work can by taught, but I believe that in order to be truly great at this profession you have to cultivate empathy, emotional intelligence and self-awareness, all of which only comes through living the work. I’ve learned this from wearing many hats from UX designer to product owner to senior design manager and participating in thousands of sessions with users, clients and stakeholders going over every aspect of design, user and digital experience. I also believe that being a long-time practitioner of mindfulness meditation has contributed greatly to my ability to relate to and empathize with the people I work with.

I created USAGE UX because websites and digital tools should be easy to use and you should be able to do what you need to do or find what you’re looking for quickly. That’s it. Pretty simple stuff. Sometimes, though, making things simple is the hardest thing to do.

If you’re interested in my philosophy, my work or any of the services we offer – I say we, because I have a small circle friends, I work with who do great work – then please get in touch here.

Further, not necessarily related, background information… When not doing USAGE UX work, my time is split between being a UX design and experience manager for a major Michigan healthcare company, creating ambient music (, producing The Ambient Soundbath Podcast – and facilitating group mindfulness meditation sessions. I live with my family, three dogs and two cats in East Lansing, MI.

Matt Borghi – Promotional Photo (1 m)

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